7 Great Reasons to Cut Your Hair Short

In Western culture, short hair on women is a relatively new development. It began in the 1920s, with rebellious modern women chopping their hair into cheeky bobs, while they drank, smoked, and shattered previous social norms. Throughout the 21st century, short hair has waxed and waned in appeal, but to this day, shorter hair for women still remains a classic look. Short haircuts can range from safe and tame, to bold and unexpected.

Many women are very hesitant to go below a certain length. Short hair can make you feel “exposed,” and many women also worry about looking too boyish. The fact is, though, short hair can be incredibly flattering on almost any facial shape, depending on the style. Not all short haircuts are the same, and even a super-short pixie cut can look ultra-feminine and incredibly flattering on the right face.

7 Great Reasons to Cut Your Hair Short

So why not take the plunge, and give a short haircut a try? If you don’t like it, it will always grow back. If you’re not sure, here are X great reasons why you should consider trying out a short and sassy haircut:

  1. It can be slimming. Sounds counterintuitive, right? Actually, the right short haircut can have a surprising facial slimming effect. A talented stylist can find the right cut to frame your face perfectly, disguising roundness and creating longitudinal visual line that draws the eye in the right directions, creating a slender appearance.
  2. It’s easier to take care of. If you have naturally wavy or course hair, a short cut is a great way to avoid the daily struggle with snarls and tangles. Brushing short hair is a snap, and you won’t need nearly as many products as you will to tame a long, unruly mane.
  3. Your hair will dry more quickly. Getting ready for work goes by faster than ever with short hair. It dries so quickly, you won’t have to think about bothering with a hair dryer.
  4. You’ll shed less. Your shower drain will thank you.
  5. If you cut off at least ten inches of hair, you can donate it to charity. Charities like Locks of Love accept hair donations, which are made into wigs for patients who’ve lost their hair to chemotherapy.
  6. Short hair is cool in the summer. If you live in a hot climate, long hair can get uncomfortable and sweaty during hot summer months. With short hair, you’ll never have this problem.
  7. You’ll use less shampoo, conditioner, and other products. With a short haircut, you’ll notice you run through your hair products much less quickly than you used to. Obviously, this saves time and money.

So why not go for it? What do you really have to lose? As long as you go to an experienced stylist, you should be able to find a cut you’re happy with. After all, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Plus, short hair covers such a wide range of styles! Pixie cuts and pageboy cuts are a bit more for some people, but why not at least try an above the shoulder layered look? There are so many possibilities, that no matter what you look like or what face shape you have, there’s probably a great short-hair look for you.